EASEUS Partition Master Review

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Hi, it's time for another round of software reviews.

This weekend I got to work with EASEUS Partition Master. Remember I bricked my Windows box and installed Linux? I wanted to make it as a dual-bootable box with Win7 and Linux but had no such luck. The way I partitioned my hard-drive didn't allow me to.

So I had to choose only one of the two, and seeing as how I can't make game reviews with the Linux setup, not that I have anything against Wine—it's just too much of a hassle, I went with Windows.

So I had around 30+GiB stuck in the hard drive as useless space since it was formatted to ext4 file system. What I wanted to do was reclaim all that space and use it as part of my already existing Windows partition.

There was just one problem: that portion of useless space was at the start of the hard drive! The only way I could get it to work was if I were to move the primary partition back to the beginning of the drive and THEN extend it. If this happened around more or less 10 years ago, it just couldn't be done!

Good thing for EASEUS though. It's really easy. All I had to do was delete the unnecessary partitions, move the primary partition space to the beginning of the hard drive, extend the primary partition so it takes up the unallocated space, apply, restart and voila! Granted I took a really long nap; but by the time that I did wake up, it was just like I rebooted my laptop to the way it was before the entire hullabaloo.

On a scale of 1~5, 5 being the highest, I would give this nifty little piece of software 5/5. Recommended for all power users with partitioning needs.

Did I mention that it was free?


Dungeons and Dragons Online Review

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Title: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Platform: Windows


Okay, before you crush this one out because I put MMORPG in the genre, please read the following review.

If you've ever played Dragon Age: Origins, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, or any other game that uses D&D rules, you should definitely try this one out.

It's basically a massively multiplayer version of those games--albeit in a different lore. The controls are very easy to handle. You can even switch input modes, from WoW-like controls, to the default ones(like Dragon Age).

Content-wise, I would really say that the quests in this game is top-notch. Not like your regular grind house Korean MMO's where you need to kill uh... hundreds of mobs? Although if that's what you really want, there are also quota-kill quests for those who love to hack and slash.

Quests are surprisingly varied-- there are defense quests, help some NPC quests, PUZZLE quests, and my least favorite--grind house quests.

There is also a lot of room for variety as far as character customization is concerned, as you can choose between 3 main classes, and a plethora of specializations. Those who are familiar to the D&D system will be pleased to know that you can also customize your character to "break the mold" by choosing your own build-- by choosing your own personal mix of skills and feats. If you also really feel the need to be different, you can even dye your armor if you need to make a statement.

Unlike most MMO's this one doesn't have super imba levels (i.e. 99 or the current WoW level cap of 85), but a mere 20--in itself it doesn't sound high, but in D&DO there's a LOT you can do with that.

This is all well and good, but how much does it cost? It won't cost you anything. Not unless you want to get premium items-- but even the premium currency can be obtained from doing quests. Then again, most FREE-TO-PLAY games use this business model; while not alienating those who really want to stick playing the game for free.

And don't worry if your computer can handle it-- the best part of this game is that they really wanted as much people to play this game as possible, so they released the client in two-versions, the high-detail version and the low-detail version. I can't give you the specific list, because I only read it from a readme file, but if your PC can play KOTOR, you can be sure it is more than capable of running it smoothly. Please check the following link to be sure:


I know I really sound like a fanboy right now, but being an D&D-based RPG fan myself, I couldn't help but say "NERDGASM!" when I found this game was free.

It's definitely a must-try for those who want a break from Korean-style MMOs and who want a more content-driven RPG rather than a grind-driven RPG. Also a must-try for those who loved D&D-based games. (see 2nd paragraph)

Did I mention that it's free?


Linux Jump?

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So I kind of bricked my Win7 installation, while tinkering with a linux installer.

Damn! There goes all my games.Not that I have any complaints... Well maybe just a little bit.I'm guessing gaming on Linux is still a very niche market. I guess I'm going to put off playing Dungeons and Dragons Online for a while...

Speaking of which, I'll probably post a review.

Anyway, I'm off to tinkering what juice I can squeeze out of my 1-month old laptop. XD

See 'ya.


I’m Back!

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I haven't been blogging in the longest time… So, for those of you who do know me, already know why.

For those who have no idea, let's just say that I have a non-disclosure agreement impeding me from posting it online. :P

I wanted to revive this thing because I wanted to get my creative juices flowing again. I'm really want to get into writing review, game reviews, places I eat, places where I get my coffee… You know… semi-everyday stuff.

Hopefully this will be a restart of the blog, although I'm not sure if I've got people reading whatever tripe I put up here, I'm hoping that my voice isn't drowned out in this urban jungle I'm in.


Bo's What?

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All right, so I've been around Cebu City for at least three months now, and I've noticed something interesting. Most of the time I've spent here in Cebu has been in Asiatown I.T. Park and I've noticed only three coffee shops worth noting around here: Figaro, Bo's Coffee and Starbucks and I've got to say, why is Bo's even here?

I understand Starbucks, having great coffee and all, plus the superficial social status one gets for being regularly there or some other crap of an excuse. Trust me, you wouldn't want to go there for Wi-Fi because they charge 100 an hour, but bottom-line-- it's great coffee.

Figaro on the other hand, has a lot of people with laptops since they offer free Wi-Fi. They also have great coffee but I wouldn't say it was better than Starbucks.

So going back to my question: why is Bo's even here? First of all, they don't make great coffee at all. They usually give coffee without sugar-- seeing as its roasted coffee, they don't even point out that people can get sugar, otherwise I wouldn't have always had a bitter experience-- every time.

So much for the coffee, sure they have Wi-Fi, but they'd charge you 30 pesos for every hour you charge, that's 2-3 times more the rate of even decent internet cafes.

So, if you're on the indifference curve between Figaro and Starbucks, I would suggest deciding what's more important for you, the "social"-ness of Starbucks, or the free Wi-Fi and still great tasting coffee of Figaro.

Do yourself a favor and not go to Bo's.


Security Mechanisms

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There are other ways to improve network security, and it comes in the form of security mechanisms. These security measures are more focused on prevention rather than a "cure". Among the most common security mechanisms are cryptography, access control lists, and authentication.

Cryptography - involves taking clearly understandable information and translating it into a ciphered (i.e. coded) unintelligible form using an algorithm and a key. Anyone who intercepts the information may find out which algorithm the source used; but without the key, it cannot be translated.

Access-control-lists(ACLs)- these are usually implemented in the router-level of the network, albeit a layer-3 and layer-2 mechanism. Any computer trying to access the network will be checked according to and(/or) its MAC address in reference to the access control list. If it does not coincide with the allowed addresses therein, it is denied access to the network.

Authentication - is basically trying to let a user identify himself, usually by use of a password, key card, or in more extreme cases, biometrics. If the user cannot provide the necessary information, he is denied access.


Security Services

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When a system, or even a whole network is compromised, the first thing that the network adminstrator should do when he sees the message "Y0u h4v3d b33n h4x0r3D! l0l." is try to recover from whatever attacks the network may be under. This is where security services come in.

Security services may compose of any type of program or utility that is used to clean, or recover a network from a security attack. The most popular of which are the anti-virus and the firewall. The following are some of the most common security services you would find in a secure system.

Anti-Virus - is a program that scans the physical memory of a computer in an attempt to clean the infected computer of known viruses from a database, more commonly known as a virus signature database

Firewall - acts as a electronic "gate" for networks. Computers that are not physically from the same network are denied access to the network. Firewalls may come in the form of software or hardware, depending on the number of computers to be protected.

Anti-Spyware - Software that scans your computer's hard drive for all known traces of spyware and usually deleting it, with or without the user's consent, depending on configuration.

Most any network administrator needs to know how to recover from a bad situation, and when bad comes to worse, a cure is what is needed-- this is where security services come in handy.